Bullion Coins and Bars - Bid Prices

For new customers, please complete the online client agreement by clicking here

We buy all precious metals with acceptable hallmarks. A 1% charge will apply if the product was not purchased through Colorado Gold, and you pay for shipping/transport. There is a $50 fee for wire transfers. 

Similar to our policy regarding purchases, orders are locked in at the time of the trade. Once you've placed the order to sell your metal, you must follow through on the sale by sending/transferring the metals to our depository. Failure to do so may cause financial loss to our company and would result in legal action against you to recover the loss. New customers, at our discretion, may be asked to present the metals at the depository prior to the trade details being finalized. Please note that metals received in bad condition or damaged may be paid at a lower price. This is at the discretion of our supplier, who is purchasing your metals through us.

Please note that immediate family members and other relatives are not entitled to commission-free trades of metals purchased by someone else. A 0.5% commission will apply to sales from anyone other than the original purchaser of the metals.

There is a $25 service charge that will be deducted from orders not charged a commission. 

The best and safest way to ship precious metals is by using United States Postal Service’s Registered Mail. You will need Postal Service Form 3806 for each box, which you can get for free at your local USPS office. We recommend double boxing all metals, particularly silver. Include the sell # provided to you when you call in to lock your sell price in with Colorado Gold. Make certain that all metals are packed tightly and do not rattle. Also, please include the ship to address below on the outside and inside boxes in case the outside box is damaged. All the seams on boxes must be sealed with 3" gummed paper tape which you can buy at Amazon or "borrow" from  the post office clerk.

Sell orders will be shipped to the following address:


6055 Surrey Street, STE 105

Las Vegas NV 89119

*Please note that drop offs at the vault are no longer allowed.  All orders must be shipped. Sorry for the inconvenience.


ProductBid Price
2020 Eagle 1 Oz $1,657.34
Eagle 1/2 Oz $821.17
Eagle 1/4 oz $414.69
Eagle 1/10 oz $165.88
2020 Buffalo 1 Oz $1,652.34
Credit Suisse Bar 1 oz. $1,632.34
Maple Leaf 1 oz $1,654.34
Maple Leaf 1/2 oz $812.96
Maple Leaf 1/4 oz $406.48
Maple Leaf 1/10 oz $162.59
2020 Krugerrand $1,637.34
Credit Suisse Bar 10 oz. $16,343.40
Combi Bar 50 grams $2,664.17
Sunshine Mint bar 1 Oz. $1,635.34
1 oz. Snake $1,642.34
100 Corona $1,593.72
Mex. 50 Peso $1,962.08
Panda 1 oz. $1,714.80
Philharmonic 1 oz. $1,644.34
Kangaroo 1 Oz $1,637.34
1 oz PAMP Gold Bar (Fortuna) $1,637.34
J. Matthey 10 oz. Bar $16,343.40
Kilo gold bullion bar $52,463.66
Royal Canadian Mint gold bar 1 oz. $1,635.34
Backdated Gold Maple Leaf $1,634.34
Backdated Gold Eagle $1,652.34
Republic Metals Corp. bar 1 g Call
Backdated Gold Maple Leaf Call
Backdated Buffalo $1,657.34
Backdated 1/4 Oz Gold Eagles Call
2019 Gold Maple Leaf Call
Valcambi 1 Oz Bar $1,637.34
Backdated 1/10 Oz Gold Eagle Call
1 Oz Copper Eagle Call
2019 1/4 Oz UK Falcon Call
2018 1/4 Oz UK Black Bull Call
2020 1/4 Oz UK White Horse Call
2020 1/4 Oz UK White Lion Call


ProductBid Price
2020 Silver Eagle $16.15
Austrian Philharmonic $14.70
Royal Canadian Mint 100 oz $1,470.00
90% Bag, $1000 Face $10,153.00
Republic Metals 100 Oz Bar $1,465.00
Britannia 1 oz. $14.95
Asahi Bar 100 oz. $1,460.00
Asahi Kilo Bars $474.21
Republic Metals Bar 10 oz. $147.00
Hawksbill Turtle Silver Coin $29.90
Republic Metals Round $14.70
Maple Leaf $15.45
Sunshine Mint 1 oz. $14.65
A-Mark Bar 10 oz. $147.00
40% Bag $1000 Face $4,056.25
A-Mark Round 1 oz. $14.70
Kilo Kookaburra $468.76
Kookaburra 10 oz. $145.80
2 oz. Kookaburra $29.16
90 % Silver Bag half dollars $10,153.00
Sunshine Mint bar 1 oz. $14.70
Backdated Silver Eagle $16.35
Mexican Libertad $14.95
Sunshine Mint bar 10 oz $147.00
Republic Metals Corp. bar 1 oz. $14.70
Sunshine Mint bar 100 oz. $1,460.00
SilverTowne Mint 1/2 Oz Buffalo Round $7.35
Sunshine Mint Bar 5 oz. $73.50
Royal Canadian Mint Bar 10 oz. $148.50
Silver Kangaroos Call
Sunshine Mint Buffalo $14.95
Sunshine Mint Walking Liberty $14.70
1/2 bag of 90% silver $5,076.50
Domed Basketball Silver Round Call
Johnson Matthey bar 100 oz. $1,465.00
Maple Leaf $14.95
1 oz. Silver Eagle $16.25
10 Oz Royal Mint Valliant Silver Coin Call
SilverTowne Buffalo 1 oz $14.70
SilverTowne Morgan 1 oz. $14.70
SilverTowne Prospector 1 oz. $14.70
SilverTowne Buffalo bar 10 oz. $147.00
SilverTowne Eagle 10 oz. $147.00
SilverTowne USA Flag bar 10 oz. $147.00
Backdated Silver Maple Leaf Call
Spade Guinea Call
Silver Krugerrand Call
Silver Bullets! Call
2019 Silver Maple Leaf Call
UK 2 OZ Bull Call
UK 2 OZ Falcon Call
2019 2 OZ Yale of Beaufort Call
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Coin $14.70
2020 White Horse of Hanover Call
American Reserve 1 Oz Round $14.70
American Reserve 10 Oz Silver Bar $147.00
2017 Somalia Elephant Call
2018 1 Oz Britannia Call
2018 South Korean Canis Call
2018 1 Oz Marvel Deadpool Call
2016 2 Oz Egyptian Horus Call
2019 1 Oz Marvel Hulk Call
2019 1 Oz Darth Vader Call


ProductBid Price
Valcambi Bar 1 oz. $715.15
2020 Eagle 1 oz. $734.50
Maple Leaf 1 oz. $729.50
Koala 1 oz. $729.50
1 oz. Engelhard Platinum Bar $715.15
1 oz. Johnson Matthey Platinum Bar $715.15
10 oz. Credit Suisse Bar $7,101.50
Credit Suisse Bar 1 oz. $715.15
1 oz Noble Call
PAMP Bar 1 oz. $715.15
1/2 Ounce Platinum Eagle Call
Australian Platypus Call
Philharmonic 1 oz. Call
2020 Queen's Beast Falcon Call


ProductBid Price
Palladium Maple Leaf 1 oz. $2,031.53
1 Oz Valcambi Bar $2,031.53


Spot Bid Prices
Gold:   $1,642.34   +3.09
Silver:   $14.95   -0.30
Platinum:   $730.15   -8.36
Palladium:   $2,136.53   +56.72

Updated: Tue Apr 7

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