Precious Metals IRA

There are quite a few customers who inquire about keeping their retirement savings in physical. We can buy and sell precious metals for you within a precious metals IRA.  To that end, here are some key points:

  • You must relinquish control of the metals in order to keep the tax deferred status of your IRA. In other words, it works just the same as a traditional IRA using stocks, mutual funds, etc.
  • Your metals are stored in depositories and are under the control of your IRA custodian.
  • There are a handful of custodians who allow physical metals in IRA's. A few that we've worked with over the years are listed below. Colorado Gold does not recommend any custodian and we receive no compensation from any of them. The decision to employ an IRA custodian is entirely your choice.
  • You must establish an account at one of these companies and fund it with cash in order for us to purchase metals for you. You may sell securities in order to get cash in your account, but we need to have cash available when you call to place your order.
  • Colorado Gold will arrange for shipment of your order directly to the depository, and the order will be stored in your name. When selling from your IRA, we will fund the account  with cash once the transfer has occured.
  • We can buy and sell your metals, but be aware that any cash withdrawn will have to be done via the custodian, not through Colorado Gold. All statements will be provided by the custodian you choose.
  • Please visit the links below for information relating to fees and other important details regarding Precious Metals IRA's.



Spot Prices
Gold:   $1,923.70   -25.60
Silver:   $25.37   -0.58
Platinum:   $951.55   +0.15
Palladium:   $2,126.66   +6.66

Updated: Tue Aug 11

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