Silver Bullion Coins & Bars

Silver as an investment

Silver, like other precious metals, may be used as an investment. For more than four thousand years, silver has been regarded as a form of money and store of value. However, since the end of the silver standard, silver has lost its role as a popular legal tender in many developed countries such as the United States. In 2009, the main demand for silver was for industrial applications (40%), jewelry, bullion coins and exchange-traded products.

Millions of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins and American Silver Eagles are purchased as investments each year.

*100 Ounce Minimum.  $25 applies to orders under 200 Ounces

Currently Available Silver Products

2016 2 Oz Egyptian Horus
Base Price: $38.26
2018 1 Oz Marvel Deadpool
Base Price: $21.13
2018 South Korean Canis
Base Price: $19.63
2019 1 Oz Darth Vader
Base Price: $18.63
2019 1 Oz Marvel Hulk
Base Price: $21.13
2020 Silver Eagle
Base Price: $20.63
SilverTowne Buffalo 1 oz
Base Price: $16.98
SilverTowne Buffalo bar 10 oz.
Base Price: $167.30


Spot Prices
Gold:   $1,661.79   +3.09
Silver:   $15.13   -0.30
Platinum:   $741.64   -8.36
Palladium:   $2,251.02   +56.72

Updated: Tue Apr 7

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