Colorado Gold Specials

Colorado Gold offers excellent market prices, however we offer special deals for you, check frequently this section for our specials.

Currently Specials Products

Backdated Gold Eagle
Base Price: $1,238.06
SilverTowne Buffalo bar 10 oz.
Base Price: $145.70
SilverTowne USA Flag bar 10 oz.
Base Price: $145.70
2018 Silver Krugerrand
Base Price: $15.67
Silver Bullets!
Base Price: $0.00


Spot Prices
Gold:   $1,202.00   -5.80
Silver:   $14.07   -0.09
Platinum:   $846.40   -7.10
Palladium:   $1,108.00   +0.50

Updated: Mon Nov 12

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