Colorado Gold Specials

Colorado Gold offers excellent market prices, however we offer special deals for you, check frequently this section for our specials.

Currently Specials Products

Backdated Gold Maple Leaf
Base Price: $1,577.03
Backdated Gold Eagle
Base Price: $1,597.03
2020 Silver Krugerrand
Base Price: $19.68
2019 2 OZ Yale of Beaufort
Base Price: $39.66
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Coin
Base Price: $18.68
1 Oz Copper Eagle
Base Price: $0.63


Spot Prices
Gold:   $1,558.03   -2.17
Silver:   $18.08   +0.01
Platinum:   $1,027.00   +3.70
Palladium:   $2,524.82   +108.92

Updated: Fri Jan 17

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