How to Purchase from Colorado Gold

  • Fill out and submit the Client Agreement.
  • Once you have submitted your client agreement and are ready to purchase, simply call us and place your order. *
    (The current price you see on the website is the price you pay.)
  • We will issue you a trade number.
  • You send in your payment.
  • We insure and ship you your order via UPS, signature required. USPS shipments are available upon request.

*All calls are recorded for accuracy.

Payment may be made by wire transfer, personal check, cashier’s check or VENMO (small orders). At our discretion, we may require wire transfers prior to placing the order, depending on the size of the purchase and purchase history.  No credit cards are accepted. Please make all checks payable to Colorado Gold. All checks take seven business days to clear. This includes cashier’s checks or money orders, because there are so many counterfeits out there that our banks will not clear them any faster than a personal check. If you bought from us, and wish to sell, we charge no commission, but there is a $25 sell fee and the shipping is on you. We never call anyone for any reason, other than necessity. If you want something, we assume you will call us, and don’t want to be bothered by anyone calling you. On occasion, our supplier offers us bargain prices for some items, and we place them on the web site. There is mutual trust in a transaction. We buy for you in our name, and we trust you to pay. You trust us that you will get what you ordered, and in 44 years, everyone has. We can only ship to U.S. addresses.  Sorry, but customs has made it virtually impossible to deal with, so our supplier just refuses to do any more foreign or Canadian trades.

We are not a coin shop, but brokers, just like stock-brokers. We buy for you, through one of the world’s largest distributors, A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. We charge a 1% commission for our services, and include insured shipping with that 1%. For orders over $50,000 we charge 0.75%, including insured shipping, and on orders of $100,000 or more, 0.5%, including insured shipping. We do not mark up anything. The prices we charge…the prices on the web site, are the prices we pay…for you…when or if you order through us. This means that when you order, and our supplier issues a trade number, that purchase is locked in for you. If the price goes up or down the next day or next hour, you must pay the agreed on price when you confirmed, and the trade number was issued. Our trades are shipped directly from a Bonded Insured vault in Las Vegas. All trades will ship via UPS, unless you request USPS Registered.

We can place precious metals in your IRA account if you wish, and if you wish to turn your thousand ounce silver contract bars into smaller sizes for you to hold personally, we can do that as well, with no charge for this, other than the 1% for your purchase of smaller size items. We do not deal in numismatics, which we consider a first rate rip-off. If you want a rare coin, don’t call us. (Numismatic dealers and coin shops buy wholesale and sell retail, usually marking up their stuff by 30%-50% or more). If you call, and we are on another line, we will tell you to wait, and we can’t help it, because this is indeed a three-person show, namely son, daughter, and step-daughter, all working out of our homes in three states. If you call, we will answer, not a secretary. On occasion we have to use an answering machine. Sorry, this is not a huge outfit with lots of telephone solicitors in little cubicles, bothering people and charging high prices. Unlike most web sites, ours lists prices. We work out of our homes, have no employees, do no advertising, and pay no rent. Simple, huh?  By the way, if you want something that you don’t see on the site, just give us a call.  We can get just about anything you can think of!