We all know that the dollar is being recklessly printed, and numbers increased by all possible means. These include bureaucracy, bonds, T-bills, foreign investments, and every known way to spend, and debase the currency. Bureaucracies are one of the most offending, currency debilitating devices known to man, be they in the private or public sector. […]

Smarts Part Two

One Charles Silberman once remarked: “It is not possible to spend any prolonged period visiting public school classrooms without being appalled by the mutilation visible everywhere – mutilation of spontaneity, of joy in learning, of pleasure in creating, of sense of self.  The public schools – those “killers of the dream,” to appropriate a phrase […]


Last week, on the subject of markets, I discussed about how supply, demand, and related things affect markets. But there is another very important fact which influences markets, prices, supplies, and yes, demands too. That is “opinions.” Opinions, make the world go ’round, and grandly influence markets. As an example, in the South Seas, women […]