Downfall of America Part Five

Taxes, taxes, taxes, is mostly what we pay.From state, local, property, FICA, federalincome, utility, stock transfer,utilities, telephone, fuel, etc., taxes consume over 50% of the ordinary income, and far more of a higher one.  Were the total truth be known, if the chain of taxes on all labor, property, fuels, transport, distribution, and materials of everything […]


The usual ’catch phrase’  about Iraq is, “We are making progress.”  Well, here’s the ’progress,’ as I see it.  We unconstitutionally invade a nation, hang its ruler, fire everyone, allow priceless artifacts of its wonderful museum to be stolen, destroy the infrastructure, kill and destroy millions innocents, homes and businesses, cause millions to flee for […]


A two hour show on the History Channel dealt with counterfeiting.  Called “Making a Buck,” it was kind of interesting…except the interminable commercials.  (Best thing is to tape it and fast forward through commercials.)  At any rate, counterfeiting is as old as history, and while the show didn’t mention it, before paper counterfeiting, ancient kings […]