The Unfortunate

Many are those who depend on welfare to exist.  Before Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency, there was NO WELFARE, NO SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, FOOD STAMPS, etc.  There were no public housing projects, Aid to Dependent Children, Obamaphones, or any of the many bureaucracies which dispense government money to those without.  How did people live, eat, […]


Many times I have referred to the CIA as, “Can’t identify anything,” because of its horrible history of overthrowing legitimate governments, betraying its own operatives, and in general being a lawless organization.  From its establishment in 1947, it has been virtually unaccountable to any authority, and little to no Congressional oversight.  The Democrats have been […]


One of the most used expressions by the liberals (progressives), is “Globalism.”  This is another way of saying “One World,” or perhaps as I believe it means, “Let’s all get together and bring down the productive, prosperous, inventive, strong, independent, free nations and populations, so that we can average them at a much lower level […]