Two Guys

  The ’Two Guys,’ are both construction workers, probably in California, often called “Mexifornia,” for obvious reasons.  One of the guys, Joe, is a legal American.  The other guy, Jose, is an illegal from Mexico.  He came here for a better life style, and probably has his wife and several kids with him.  Joe, the […]

48 Million

  The latest figure is 48,000,000.  Not dollars.  Not the unemployed.  Not the deficit.  48,000,000 Americans who are uninsured.  No medical insurance.  Now, isn’t that terrible?  Doesn’t it give one nightmares?  Funny, but I can sleep at night in spite of the figure.  Obama and his Democrat stooges plus probably a lot of Republicans also, […]


  The dictionary defines “invest,” as, “To put (money) into business, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. for the purpose of obtaining an income or profit.”  This is the objection many have, when advised to ’invest’ in gold and silver.  “Gold doesn’t pay any interest.”  True, and I am well aware of that.  However, when someone […]


  Of all the mysterious things in life, the one thing which few know anything about, it is “Money.”  We use ’money’ every day.  We buy things with ’money,’ sell things for ’money,’ and invest our ’money’ in things that are supposed to increase the amount of ’money’ in our accounts.  Yet, no one really […]


  Of all the ruining things ever invented by man, and used in a perverted way, the word “empathy,” takes first place with me.  How many spoilt, ruined kids are there, who turn out terribly, because stupid parents had ’empathy’ when the little creeps begged for something, didn’t want to clean their room, or obey?  […]