Aregentina, Venezuela, and America

  In 1902, Argentina was one of the wealthiest, most industrialized, prosperous nations on earth.  Automobiles, electricity, and telephones were common.  Millions of acres of rich farmland, navigable rivers, and accessible seaports, graced Argentina.  It made and grew what it consumed, and exported goods throughout the inhabited world.  It was second only to the United […]


  (As I was putting my column up, my $&#%^@ computer erased the whole thing, so I’ll rewrite it briefly.  I hate computers!) The Bush stimulus of $700 billion outraged everyone, and millions of e-mails, phone calls and letters failed to stop it.  McCain rushed home to vote for it, interrupting his campaign.  That vote […]

Greece and Goldman Sachs

  The Greeks have been over-spending for decades.  I mean stupid stuff, such as allowing civil servants to retire in their 40’s, and permitting their unmarried or divorced daughters to collect their pension after they have died.  Government owned and hugely unprofitable Olympic Airways, government owned, and unprofitable utilities, hundreds of benefit programs and subsidies […]