China, China how does your virus grow?

Not with silver bells and cockle shells, but with restaurants, schools, theatres, and anything outside the home, forbidden.  The left-wing media, in all forms, still refuses to point to the virus’ origin, and that is the talentless, inventive-less, economically bankrupt, virtual slave state, China, and its self-elected ruler for life, Xi.  Will China return to […]

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (plus bats now) are what make viruses

How tragic that the entire world is now lain low, with no restaurants, theatres, shopping, entertainment, toilet paper, and basics of all types.  Thanks a lot Chinese!  How appalling it is that tens, and maybe even hundreds of millions, are out of work, due to their places of employment being shut by government order.  Thanks […]