I am sick of hearing about ’terrorists.’  We’ve got to be aware of terrorists, prosecute terrorists, catch terrorists, and it goes on and on.  Terrorists have a bomb in their shoes, try to blow up Times Square, take down planes, murder, behead, and torture.  ’Terrorists,’ do all sorts of inhumane, atrocious, unbelievable, unthinkable atrocities.  […]

The Federal Debt

  I saw a column on The Drudge Report a few days ago, which noted that the federal government spends $2,007,611,200,000 on various welfare handouts, such as public everything, highway funds, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, section 8 housing, ’Obamaphones,” et al.  This does not include “Administrative Costs,” such as fuzz brained bureaucrats, check writing […]