Is it all ’going down,’ with the stocks, mining shares, Russia-Georgia, Fanny and Freddie declines, bank closings, ever more foreclosures, etc?  I doubt it!  True, ever more out there are wising up and deciding to get into metals, because they realize that paper scrip is on the decline around the world, and I can’t […]


  I will write my intended column on Virginia City and the absolute beauty and wealth creating ability of silver on Thursday.  The below seems more appropriate now. The Dictionary says commodities are things “bought and sold,” or “a useful thing.”  Currently, commodities are down in price. Why?  Because as far as home building commodities […]

The P&C

  I  Don’t mean potatoes and cabbage, but the President and Congress.  Those 436 men and women, have ruined us and our nation.  Look at what’s wrong, and ask yourself, who did it?  Who got us into two absurd, needless, expensive, life taking, current wars?  The P&C.  Who spends, spends, and spends without end, thereby […]