That’s a wonderful word, freedom.  Here in America, we’re free to go where we please, say what we please, and even write what we please.  Government has grown all out of proportion to what the Founder’s planned, and Washington D.C. has indeed become very oppressive.  It makes on think of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration, which […]


  “(1) The act of terrorizing.  The use of force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as a political weapon or policy. (2) The demoralization and intimidation produced in this way.”  That’s the way my dictionary (Webster’s Fourth Edition) defines it.  “Terrorism” is all over the media.  There is the “War […]


  The Jerusalem Post says that according to overheard ’official’ conversations, Bush will invade Iran before his term is ended in November.  If these are his plans, has he taken leave of what senses he might still possess, assuming he ever had any in the first place?  Stop and think about it.  Our troops are […]

Rich part three

  I wrote about ’wealth distribution’ in the last column. Quite obviously, under a freedom type of setup, wealth is created and distributed without government intervention, bureaucracy, and endless laws.  Freedom takes no note of race, birthplace, upbringing, physical location, or for that matter, intellect.  These things sort themselves out automatically in 99% of the […]

Rich part two

  I am going to illustrate two ways of distributing wealth. Everyone benefits with one method, and everyone loses in the long run with the second.  The first, beneficial method, involves basic freedom from government, taxation, and bureaucracy.  The first method, allows people to rise with their brains, ability, imagination, personality and desires.  It also […]