(Last week’s first story about Wirecard:  CEO resigned and company went bankrupt.)  Pity stockholders who bought when advisors said it was ‘hot.’ I watch looters break into stores, and always think to myself about all the intelligence, inventiveness, capital, effort, risk, and hard work they are destroying with impunity.  The intelligence it required to invent, […]

Millions go Missing

That’s the headline in a front-page story in Friday’s Journal (6/19/20).  The first paragraph reads:  “Wirecard AG, one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing fintech companies, said auditors can’t locate more than $2.1 billion of its cash.  The disclosure shook investors, and the company’s shares dropped by nearly two thirds, wiping out $9 billion in […]


Left white and black U.S. citizens, and even sympathizers in other parts of the world, are ‘protesting.’  Violence, police cars incinerated, stores looted, screaming, violence, and law breaking everywhere.  All because it seems that wholesale, mass, violent, ‘protests’ need to be made.  Of what are the protesters protesting?  Dead George Floyd and the brutal white cop […]