There are over 539,000 government agencies in the United States!  At all levels, of course.  City, County, State, and federal governments, and all operating at peak inefficiency.  Is this slander?  Am I slamming honest, hard working bureaucrats?  I don’t mean to, because in all governments, there are hard working employees trying to carry out […]


  Ethanol (alcohol), mixed with gasoline, is utterly stupid, uneconomical, and costly.  It is one of those habits created by the greenies, and absorbed by the rest of the typically ignorant legislatures.  It is now, universally thought to be the salvation of our air.  All totally wrong. Ethanol is derived from plants, through a fairly […]


  A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, pointed out that various European governments are seizing individual savings and retirement accounts, and placing the confiscated money into government accounts, to help pay the debts which politicians created.  Is there nothing safe?  If you are in things dealing with currencies, and stored in government regulated […]