Days of Yore – part two

  Governments spend $200 million a day, fixing and building roads. Streetcar tracks last virtually forever.  70% of ’rush hour’ traffic on freeways, is bumper to bumper.  In 1946, 23.4 billion people rode streetcars and busses.  Streetcars ran on the busiest of streets and avenues, with busses connecting to them from various neighborhoods.  In 2009, […]


  In case you didn’t know, O.P.M. stands for ’other people’s money.’  As Maggie Thatcher so eloquently phrased it, “The trouble with socialism, is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  O.P.M. runs the gamut of the entire civilization, and not just politics, but it’s the political O.P.M. that hurts all of us […]