“Just of Few Cents Each” Part Two

This final part, are direct quotes from chapter 20 of, “I Hold These Truths,” which I wrote about 35 years ago.  It may a bit dated, but I haven’t wanted to edit it.

“Occasionally, the citizen voters became upset at the taxes, so the politicians quickly voted ‘tax cuts’ into law, which were really tax increases, but the language was cleverly worded, so people thought they were being handed yet another freebie from government.  By now, government was regarded by most, as a source of wealth, which anyone could tap by merely passing more laws, or hiring  more government employees to dispense the wealth.  No one thought for a moment that government couldn’t create wealth.  After all, government takes care of us, and prints all the money , so all it has to do is pass it out, and my senator will see to it that I get my ‘fair share,’ because I am, (1) old, (2) minority, (3) sick, (4) insane, (5) female, (6), homosexual, (7) middle income, (8) fat, (9) skinny, (10) have AIDS, (11) member of a union, (12), other.

“Finally, government got so big and overpowering, that everyone was sick of it, only no one knew hot to stop it.   It was as if it had its own life system that came from some horror movie.  The more people tried to stop it, the bigger it got. Government bureaucrats were everywhere, meddling in everyone’s business, and telling everyone what to do…for their own good of course.  Voters voted for politicians who promised to rein in government, but it just kept growing.  It fed upon itself, and there was no known way to stop it.  It just grew, printing money as it went, paying itself, and telling more and more people, more and more things to do, how much to do, how long they should do it, how it must be done, and how much they had to pay government to care for them. 

“The little community had blossomed into a dragon-like monster, eating everything in its path, and unhappiness was on everyone’s face.  Everyone talked about how to stop government, but they kept voting for politicians who didn’t slow government expansion.  It was a lost cause, so everyone decided just to live with it.  The little community, grown into a large impoverished land, which now bought its cars, watches, TV sets, cameras and other things made in foreign lands.  Fear was on the faces of the citizens, because they knew if they got sick, they would be unable to pay for their medical bills. And medical insurance was already unaffordable, since government had taken over health care.

“The citizens got to taking drugs, and disobeying laws, because they were so silly, and enforcing them would hurt politician’s vote getting chances.  Government held out shallow hopes of riches by starting government lotteries, complete with flashy advertising, so the poorest could waste their money on false hopes of riches.  Each week, a new millionaire was put on TV, and had their pictures taken, so the hope of undeserved riches could be kept in front of the poorest folks, who kept hoping against hope that their number out of millions, would be drawn.  Occasionally, some private person would start their own lottery, guaranteeing a higher return, and the entire winning at once, rather than over twenty years with no interest.  They were thrown into jail by the government, which outlawed competition.  Now and then, a brilliant scientist discovered a new cure for disease, and he tried to sell it without waiting eight years for government to approve it, and he went to jail.  Once in a while, a businessman would forget one of the government’s hundreds of thousands of rules and laws, and he would go to jail.  Sometimes a person would be caught by government, doing something that government had decided that he couldn’t do, even in his own home, and he would go to jail.  Government could now break into people’s homes without warning, and take evidence of real or imagined ‘crimes,’ and those people would go to jail.  Many accidents happened because of all the shortages, and people took a lot of short cuts to stay alive and ahead of the government agents.  They would go to jail if they were caught.

“The government had made it difficult to live, because it had its own secret police to ferret out anyone not paying their ‘fare share’ of the ruinous taxes government has laid on the citizens.  The secret police became known as the IRS or other alphabet agencies, and it could take everything a citizen owned, break into his home, sell it from under him, and destroy anyone they chose to hurt.  This was to keep citizens in constant fear of the government which helped them so much.  The government had printed so much money over the years, that it had lost its value through a process known as ‘inflation,’ which was basically government printing money to pay the bills for helping everyone so much.  There were hidden taxes on everything.  Food, gas, wages, land, profits, beverages, cars, appliances, clothes, electricity, and even telephone calls.  Everything had lots of hidden taxes.  Hundreds of taxes that no one even knew about, were on all the things a person had to have to barely exist.  It became illegal to own a gun to protect yourself, illegal to do just about anything that was not within the narrow guidelines set by government.  Occasionally, a man or woman would protest and print something, telling people how large and unruly government had gotten, but the possibility of overthrowing it was remote.  Too many citizens were indebted to government for their jobs, a handout, or a check every month, and they wouldn’t want to rock the boat which was keeping them afloat; even though their floatation was of the most meager type.

“Some pointed out that ancient Rome fell because of massive welfare, massive government, massive corruption, massive waste, coupled with massive tributes, which were what they called taxes back then.  But by then, a large percentage of the citizens could barely read if at all, because compulsory government schools didn’t teach, and those who could read, didn’t do it very much.  Most people had become totally unthinking, robotic types of voters, who went to work every day, came home at night, and watched inane TV, never even thinking about issues or problems.  Others, who tried to think about issues, had been warped in their thinking, by their former teachers and professors, who, being on the government’s payroll, were against individualism and free thought.  Judges, mostly ruled against those who would try to change things, because they were also on the government payroll, and they didn’t want to lose their nice job of judging, by finding against the government, or for a protestor or thinker. 

“The unusual thing, is that while the little community had become a monster of virtual slavery and total government, the rest of the world seemed to be much worse!  Other nations had higher taxes, more severe governments, dictatorships, monarchies, and even slavery!  The entire world seemed to some, to be descending into a total darkness.  People seemed to be getting poorer, more enslaved, more unhealthy, and very sad.

“The only bright spots were from a few little nations who had recently thrown off a most severe government, called communism.  They were starting afresh, with virtually no government, but unfortunately, they seemed to be copying the already degraded lands that had oppressive, all powerful governments, which was just about every land on earth.  As this closes, we all hope these tiny little countries that have recently thrown off the yoke of total government, will not fall prey to it again, as out mythical land has done…and every other land on earth!”

Don Stott- don@cololoradogold.com