The Horse is Gone

The old saying that, “It is stupid to close the barn door after the horse is gone,” seems to be appropriate currently. As an example, the mayor of San Francisco has decided that enough is enough, and she is going to stop all this lawlessness, store robbing, and vicious criminals having their own way. She seems now, to realize that not prosecuting thieves who steal less than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise was just fine, and not worth worrying about. This hasn’t set too well with residents and business people. Hey Mrs. Mayor, it’s too late! The damage has been done. Thousands have left, sold out, and gone to other places where lawlessness is not tolerated, and where people love the police. Texas has welcomed them, and Texas has no state income tax.
Back in Minnesota, after firing a lot of cops by ‘defunding’ them, and gobs more having quit because of no support and wholesale ridicule, voters have said in a strong voice, ‘We want our cops back. We’re tired of thievery, violence, and lawlessness. Bring our cops back.’ I wonder how successful a re-hire will be? Is the horse gone, and shutting the barn door is futile now? Would ex-cops want to return to a city wracked with violence and lawlessness, when their bosses turned a deaf ear?
After last summer’s violence, wholesale shoplifting, police car burning, arson, and all that most of us couldn’t believe what was happening, with nothing seeming to be done to stop it, have blacks ruined their anti-racist rhetoric, after 95% of the robbers then and now seem to be black? At least that is true from all the TV I witnessed. Has the barn door been shut to curtail any racism, after America watched hour after hour, then and now, of blacks looting everything they could carry, without any capture or prosecution? Watching blacks shatter jewelry store glass counters with hammers and stealing their contents; has racism been re-kindled?
Another horse which has gone, and trying to close the door after it has left, is silly and those crying and trying to get the long gone horse back, is absurd, but it continues. I refer of course, to the Trump horse, which has lost, and those who fail to admit it after dozens of re-counts and court cases, are making fools of themselves and doing deep harm to their and my Republican Party.
It’s been proven that 74,000 mailed votes were counted in Maricopa County Arizona, Georgia’s votes have been hand counted three times and signatures validated, and he still lost. Nothing in Pennsylvania’s 85,500 vote victory for Biden, could change it, even if the fictitious 25,000 votes from nursing homes were counted, and they weren’t. Mr. Trump’s lawyers who made baseless claims have been sued for defamation twice, and they have bee sanctioned by a federal judge. The Pillow Man has made a fool of himself, and maybe even destroyed his business by insisting falsely, that Trump has had the election ‘stolen’ from him, and how he is peddling a line of merchandise, which without doubt, is made in China, or some place other than the U.S.A. As proof of his obvious distress, I have even gotten e-mails from Mr Pillow, advertising his stuff, and I never have before, and I never gave him my e-mail address.
I’m delighted that San Francisco has wised up, even though the horse is gone, and it’s probably too late, and the same with those idiots who wanted to defund the police. The cops were fired or quit, and they may not want to come back to a hostile environment. I only hope the few thousands of Republicans will wise up before they ruin their party. The Trump horse lost, and the barn door is closed. I hope your Christmas will be merry. .