I won’t get into the insanity of Washington D.C. and its politicians who buy votes by ever increasing gifts to voters from the national treasury.  Or 99% of D.C. for that matter, and especially Democrats who haven’t a concept of economics 101, or screwball ideas such as de-funding the police, opening the borders as Biden did when he was running for office.  ‘Insanity’ is so common in D.C., that I am ashamed to admit that I was born and raised there.  The D.C. government employees who virtually cannot be fired, and have salaries far above normal levels in the rest of America, are in such numbers, that D.C has no bad neighborhoods.  When I grew up in D.C., there were ‘bad’ and ‘good’ neighborhoods, as in the rest of America..  No more!  Previous ’bad’ neighborhoods have been bought up, and turned into ‘good’ neighborhoods, the demand is so high.  Former shacks now command hundreds of thousands of dollars, so prevalent is the demand.  Worthless bureaucrats and their ilk roam the streets and pass ludicrous laws and regulations, as an illustration of the D.C. mentality, which can easily be called ‘insane.’

I am writing about the ‘insanity’ plea, which allows criminals to escape punishment for crimes they obviously committed.  Perhaps the most unfair of all crimes committed upon society, is the existence of the ‘insanity’ plea.  According to current legal practice, if a criminal was ‘insane’ at the time he committed the crime, he can’t be punished as he would be, if he were sane.  Who cares whether he is insane or sane?  Did the victim suffer less?  Aren’t criminals actually ‘insane,’ by accepted standards, when they violated societal rules and laws?  Who is to judge ‘insanity’ anyway?  Psychiatrists?  I have never known a normal psychiatrist.  Why should such a plea even exist in the first place?  It has nothing to do with a Constitutional guarantee of no unjust punishment.  The word ‘insanity’ or similar ideas, aren’t even in our Constitution.  The insanity plea, is the opposite of unjust punishment, since there is virtually no punishment at all for so called ‘insane’ criminals, other than time in the nut house…at taxpayer expense, naturally.

‘Insanity’ pleas, are a total fraud, continually used by clever lawyers.  Should a murderer be any less reprehensible, and pay a lower price for a committed crime, because he is a mental midget, or supposedly has a screw loose?  Even if he is insane, or was when he did it, so what?  What possible difference can it make to society or a victim, if a heinous crime is committed under a less than desirable mental condition?  A fair trial is to prove what was done, not whether the criminal intended to do it or not.  Who cares?

Other than allowing vicious criminals to go free or under-punished, what is served by an ‘insanity’ plea?  How about huge lawyer fees, letting scum out earlier or incurring monstrous mental treatment fees at taxpayer expense?  ‘Insanity’ pleas are an absurdity which should be instantly erased from every state and federal rule book. Charles Manson, I am certain, is crazy, but why does he still live?  Because he is insane.  Because of pitiful, weeping, bleeding heart, liberal do-gooders, who I would like to lock up, because of their own insanity.  Society steps on cockroaches and beetles.  It kills mice, rats, and poisonous snakes.  What is wrong with electrocuting a babbling murderer?  Absolutely nothing!  Maybe I’ll get into the death penalty next week.

-Don Stott –