Too Many Fires Out West?

 I have long been a fan of “RANCH” magazine.  It’s super conservative, has many great articles which you will never find elsewhere, and is geared to the American West, ranching, nature, science, agriculture, red meat, and even has great photos.  $19.95 a year, and the address is, “Ranch Magazine, P.O Box 639, Carson City, NV 89702-9917.”  The following are a couple of paragraphs about the disastrous fires in the American West, and why they happen.  A logical answer!

“In the 1990’s, Wetsel-Oviatt was a leader in forest stewardship, receiving awards and accolades from both the industry and environmentalists.  By 1993, the Spotted Owl jolted the industry, and endless rules and regulations would nail the coffin shut for Wetsel-Oviatt.  Besides the Spotted Owl, and the ‘Sierra Nevada Framework,’ logging was reduced to one-tenth of what was normally cut.  Foreign competitors quickly took up the slack.  It was cost prohibitive for the small companies to stay afloat.  Even to cut trees on their own lands.

“Without logging, which paid salaries and costs of management, keeping the forests healthy, the woods started growing out of control, as green groups lobbied the state and federal governments to pass more laws and regulations.   Logging dried up, mills closed, hundreds lost their jobs, and now, decades after the environmental movement stopped harvests and forest management, to “Save our forests,” by hugging trees to death, thousands of square miles of un-managed forests have gone up in smoke, and become blackened moonscapes.

“Power outages followed, due to worn-out power lines sparking fires in overgrown trees that were protected from trimming by lawsuits, which “protected the forests.”  Endless litigation denied common sense trimming or cutting of excess trees, and is often the cause of devastating fires,  leaving power companies caught in the middle, compelled by law to trim, but sued by greens to leave the trees alone.  For decades, we hugged the trees, and today we burn and breathe them, thanks to unaccountable environmentalists and state and federal agents, who call the shots from afar.  It’s time to return control to people who have the boots-on-the-           ground knowledge, which those out-of-towners lack.”

                          Climate Change?

From the same issue of RANCH are these excerpts.

“Globally, climate alarmism is led by the United Nations.  Huge sums of money are at stake, but that is not the point here, although it does explain much of what is going on.  On the science side, alarmism is led by the U.N.’s “Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change”, usually called the IPCC.  Every five years or so, the IPCC puts out a monster report, claiming to be an overview of the latest climate science.  In reality, it just picks the science that best supports alarmism.

“There are thousands of research reports on natural periods of warming and cooling, but the IPCC simply ignores them. The IPCC says that climate was a flat line, and then it shot up with rapid warming, from then until now.  In short, it says that there was no global warming for 150 years, until now, and we started it.  The IPCC ignores the ‘Medieval Warm Period,’ when the Vikings farmed Greenland, or the ‘Roman Warm Period’, when civilization flourished.  In between, there were really cold spells including the ‘Little Ice Age’, which ended with the recent warming.  In fact, our warming may be nothing more than the natural end of the “Little Ice Age.”

 “Alarmism, depends on the recent warming being unprecedented.  Natural warming disappears.  This time, it is about computer models of climate change, which is where alarmism originates.  It is these silly computer models, which say we are causing dangerous global warming, with worse to come.  The IPCC says the computer model proves all the warming is caused by us humans.  The models are programmed to say that only humans can cause warming.  Keep in mind, that the recent warming is very small, just around one degree over 150 years.  Ignoring nature and history, is the silly science of climate change.” 

Don Stott-