Dark Waters

Before I go any further, the name of the magazine I wrote about last week was not “Ranch,” but “Range.”
I just saw most of a shocking film on one of the movie channels, titled “Dark Waters.” Watch it! It is about DuPont poisoning the waters of the adjacent factories producing Teflon, and workers getting hideous diseases and giving birth to deformed babies. I checked, and the film is true. It makes me all the more certain, that the public in general, is being fooled by the ‘establishment.’ As the film shows, DuPont is guilty as hell, but big government has done everything possible to keep them from paying. Typical, as big government’s actions every single day, have its own benefits in mind, not yours. Big governments around the world, are terribly flawed, and their efforts, laws, and regulations, do not promote us, but them. Many examples can be mentioned, such as:
The interest rate paid for buyers of Fed “T Bills” is about 1.6%, and we have about a five to eight percent inflation rate, which means that buyers of “T Bills,” are losing their savings. Yet, financial managers, economics professors, and the whole lot of them, fail to mention that obvious fact. When Donald Trump was President, the inflation rate was half of what it is now, but even then, “T bills” were a hoax. Government borrows from buyers at 1.6% interest, while its currency loses three times that much every year. Think about it. Inflation pays government debt with constantly decreasing value dollars, just like your mortgage does, if you have one. It’s actually ‘free money.’
Before JFK was murdered, he promised to do several things, which would have made America a much better place. Among them, was to have the Treasury print their own money, rather than having the privately owned Federal Reserve do it, and charge interest for ‘money’ they created out of thin air. The U.S. National debt would have been far lower today, had the fed not been involved. JFK was executed, and the culprit’s identify has been shrouded in lie after lie, because JFK would have done far more than eliminate the Fed’s money grabbing enterprise, such as getting rid of the CIA (can’t identify anything), and getting out of Vietnam. Unfortunately, “The Bay of Pigs” disaster was one of his mistakes.
There are hundreds of container ships stuck off various coasts, full of Chinese merchandise, mostly made with virtual slave labor, supporting Chinese efforts to destroy capitalism, and the USA in general. I think it would be wonderful if all the Chinese Christmas stuff didn’t arrive till it was of no use, and buyers of it didn’t pay. That would be a nail in China’s coffin!
Chinese communist party chief X Jinping, is determined to return China to chairman Mao’s time, which killed millions. Is he that stupid? Why do Americans continue to buy ANYTHING from or made by China? It is driving nails into our own coffins. Most ‘big box’ stores are loaded with Chinese made things, and millions of dollars per day, go straight into the Chinese communist’s evil pockets. Why?
The U.S. dollar, is still the world’s ‘reserve currency,’ but the race is on between Chinese yuan and the dollar. Practically everything they make, has been stolen from capitalistic nations, such as us. Their banking is so crooked, that few believe anything they say about how wonderful their system is, but we seem to believe their lies, because we finance them by buying their stuff. I repeat…WHY?
Everyone knows that the dollar has lost 95% or more of its value and purchasing power over the last hundred years, and inflation is impossible to stop, thanks to politicians using it to get votes, but Americans still save in dollar denominated ‘investments,’ if you’ll excuse the quotes. The stupidity of it is beyond question, but they do. Why?
Socialism, which has, in 100% of history, become communism, has numerous examples, such as Venezuela, Cuba, China, North Korea, etc.. Socialism is happening to us on a daily basis, but most Americans are far too busy watching sports, or sit-com TV shows, to ever think, read, or realize what is happening to them. Hopefully, not the readers of this screed.
Millions of diseased illegals, swarm across our borders; stay here, and are even bussed to, and dropped off at major cities, where they will never be seen again, (except to vote Democrat?) and the Congress refuses to do anything about it. Biden knows that millions of dollars of materials sit on the ground, paid for, awaiting being used to continue constructing the Trump border wall, but it just sits there. Ever notice that the ‘mypillow.com’ website, has changed from when he made only pillows? He bragged that his pillows made in the USA, and even showed the factory. Now, all the other stuff, I am certain, is probably made in China, but not in the USA. ‘mypillow.com’ has become just another ‘big box store,’’ selling things for the benefit of commie China. Call the number and ask if the stuff is made in the USA.
After the Korean War was sort of ‘settled,’ as it has never been won or lost, both North and South Korea were equal, with a line at the 38th parallel being the dividing line between them. Check what happened. South Korea became capitalistic, and has blossomed like flowers in spring, while North Korea became communist, is starving its populace, and threatening us and the rest of the free world. The comparison is so stark and plain, but neither North Korea, Venezuela, nor Cuba have intelligence enough to see what their systems have wroth. Recent pro freedom demonstrations in Cuba, have been met with mass arrests. Why doesn’t the US take back Cuba, rather than sending $450 million to Afghanistan, which has $80 billion of our military stuff Biden abandoned, along with hundreds of American citizens?
Anything can happen in the near or distant future. No one knew when gold would go down a hundred dollars. If we had known, we would have taken action. No one knows what will happen ten minutes from now, or if in Kenosha Wisconsin, the injured and deceased would have never gone to the parade. We must try to do the best we can to avoid any possible future catastrophe, or for that matter, a continuation of what’s currently going on in our world. Save in gold and silver, and not in any dollar denominated item, and for goodness sakes, stop buying anything made in China or Vietnam, as both are communist, and have no use for us. Without our financing them, they would collapse. don@coloradogold.com